The beauty of online gaming is that you get to meet people from all around the world. Sometimes players meet each other online, fall in love, and eventually even get married, which some developers such as Blizzard have celebrated on behalf of their players. However it seems not everyone feels the same way about dating in video games.

According to Konami’s EULA for Metal Gear Survive, it seems that the company does not want gamers to mistake the game as a dating service. This is according to a screenshot of the EULA posted on Twitter by Matt Paprocki (via PlayStation Lifestyle), in which agreeing to the EULA means that players cannot “seek a relationship with another person or [do] an act that Konami determines is made for the main purpose of causing a relationship.”

We’re not sure who would ever mistake Metal Gear Survive as a dating service, but we suppose in case there was any confusion, Konami wants to clear it up. Presumably this might have to do with player harassment, where Konami doesn’t want other players to harass other players to go on dates with them, although we’re not sure how often this ever crosses the mind.

Other things that Konami forbids within its EULA includes engaging in acts that encourages or assists suicide, or campaigning for political gain. Metal Gear Survive has just been released and so far initial reviews are a bit mixed.

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