Temperature plays a huge factor and affects how our gadgets perform. For example have you noticed that sometimes the hotter your phone or computer gets, the more sluggish it performs? This is why a good cooling system matters as well as how engineers design the way heat is supposed to dissipate.

This seems to be mostly talking about when things get too hot, but what about when things get too cold? Interestingly enough a report from Android Police has discovered that the Pixel 2 apparently charges slower at lower temperatures. This was reported by several Pixel 2 users who discovered that despite the phone claiming to be “Charging rapidly”, apparently that wasn’t always the case.

Basically when the phone hits temperatures at around 68F, its charging speed (which is maxed out at 18W) will drop to 3-4W, but it will still display the “Charging rapidly” message which can be a bit misleading. They tested out this theory with other phones and found that for the most part, all phones tested did suffer from drops in charging speeds at colder temperatures.

However the differences in the Pixel 2 were huge, where the difference in cold and normal temperatures was about 12W, whereas other phones had a difference between 3-5W. They have since reached out to Google who say that they will be looking into the “Charging rapidly” message, where hopefully a future update will reflect more accurate charging speeds.

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