The problem with leaving packages unattended at the front door is that it leaves itself open to the possibility that someone could come along and steal it, as we have seen multiple times in the past. It usually isn’t Amazon’s fault, but sometimes people blame them anyway, but Amazon wants to change that.

In a new support document (via iMore), Amazon Logistics has stated that in some events they might take a photo of your front door, porch, or any other location where the package has been delivered. This is meant to act as proof of delivery, and it will go even further by photographing where exactly the package has been placed.

This means that if you come home and discover that the package is not where the photo showed it was, then there is a chance that someone might have moved it or tampered with it. However like we said this won’t happen with every delivery, although we’re not sure under what conditions a photo will be taken. However photos will not be taken if an order has been marked as confidential, such as a surprise gift for someone.

That being said, it does sound like it could be a useful feature. Alternatively customers could always opt to sign up for Amazon Keys which allows deliveries to be made directly in your home.

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