Facebook Messenger Lite Gets Video Chat Feature

Facebook today announced that it’s adding a video chat feature to the lightweight version of its standalone Messenger app. It’s a very popular feature on Messenger proper and Facebook is now adding it to Messenger Lite which is meant for users with low-end devices and limited mobile data. It keeps data usage in checks but leaves much to be desired as far as the features are concerned. However, this is a step toward feature parity with the full version of Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Lite is a slimmed down version of the messaging app that offers the core features to users with older Android devices and/or slower internet connections.

Facebook says that video chats are a very popular feature in the full-featured Messenger app. Users made 17 billion video chats in Messenger last year which was twice as many compared to 2016.

Those who use this lightweight app to stay in touch with friends and family can now make video calls using Messenger Lite. They first need to ensure that they have the full version of the app and then they just need to open an existing conversation or find the person they want to chat with.

Initiating a video chat is then as simple as tapping on the new video icon in the upper right corner of the screen. An audio call can also be upgraded to a video chat while still in the call with a single tap of the video icon in the bottom right corner.

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