There is an ongoing debate in the photography world as to whether or not mirrorless cameras have the potential to replace DSLRs. There are some well-known professionals who have made the switch very publicly, but at the same time there are some technical shortcomings in mirrorless cameras that are hard to ignore.


An example would in autofocus speeds where there are plenty of DSLRs that have no problems running circles around mirrorless systems. However Fujifilm thinks that this gap could soon be closed based on an interview with Focus Numerique (via Mirrorless Rumors) where according to the Fujifilm managers that were interviewed, they think that the company’s mirrorless cameras have the potential to catchup to DSLR autofocus performance.

“We believe that sooner or later we will catch up with the few delays we still have in the world of SLRs. We also believe that from 2019, more than 50% of cameras sold worldwide will be hybrids.” That being said, we have seen quite a bit of progress made in autofocus performance in mirrorless cameras.

Sony’s mirrorless cameras are a good example, like the Sony A6000 launched a few years ago that boasted the world’s fastest autofocus system, but what do you guys think? Will mirrorless cameras eventually replace DSLRs in every regard?

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