Next Major Windows 10 Update Will Be Dubbed ‘Spring Creators Update’

In case you were wondering what Microsoft is going to call the next major Windows 10 update, a new report suggests that the company is going to call it “Spring Creators Update.” It will thus reuse its Creators Update moniker which could mean that the next update will bring some new features aimed at creators. Microsoft hasn’t officially named its next major Windows 10 update as yet but there’s enough circumstantial evidence for Spring Creators Update now to believe that this is what it’s going to be called.

The first Creators Update was launched by Microsoft in spring of 2017. The company then followed it up with the Fall Creators Update last year. You can see why it’s not surprising to see that the company might be planning to stick with this moniker.

The Windows 10 Spring Creators Update was first seen in Microsoft blog posts a few months ago but the company never referred to it as the official name for its next major update. However, references to the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update have now been spotted in the Windows 10 operating system itself.

The company is expected to release the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update next month with several new features such as HDR Support and Timeline. The Timeline feature was originally supposed to be released last year but it was delayed. The new update is also going to bring some user interface tweaks.

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