Microsoft released the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update yesterday. It has been discovered that the update brings a new anti-cheat feature for games. PC game developers can use this feature to prevent cheating in their titles. The feature, called TruePlay, was first mentioned in a Windows 10 Insider Build over the summer. Microsoft didn’t really reveal many details about it back then.


TruePlay is capable of running as a protected process, meaning that it’s capable of monitoring gaming sessions for the manipulations that are commonly used by cheaters. The feature can then create an alert and share it with developers when it detects cheating behavior.

“To ensure and protect customer privacy while preventing false positives, these data are only shared with developers after processing has determined cheating is likely to have occurred,” Microsoft explains in its MSDN page.
Microsoft does add that it’s up to the developers if they want to exclude select parts of the game from monitoring. This suggests that this feature is meant more preventing cheating in online modes and not necessarily restricting players from doing the same in single-player modes.

Users have the option to toggle this feature off at system level but if they do that, it can prevent them from playing parts of a game that make it mandatory for TruePlay to be turned on. The feature is turned off by default currently and it’s not known if any games are relying on it so far.

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