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How To Turn Off Sticky Keys In Windows 10
Do you hate it when you press Shift on your keyboard many times and then you get an alert about enabling Sticky Keys? If you do, then here’s how you can prevent that notification from popping out.

How To Change Administrator On Windows 10
Did you know that there are only certain functions and settings changes that you can do if you are an administrator in Windows 10? If you’d like to learn how to change that administrator position to you or assign it to someone else, here’s what you need to do.

How To Check If Your Computer Is Windows 11 Ready
Microsoft announced that Windows 11 will be released later this year. It looks like it is going to be an interesting update, although the question is, can your computer run Windows 11? If you’re wondering about that, here’s how you find out.

Panasonic’s Toughbook G2 Is A Rugged Tablet For The Workplace
Sometimes at the workplace, it might not be financially feasible to give every employee their own laptop and/or tablet. This means that sometimes certain devices need to be shared amongst the staff, and since it gets passed around a lot, it might not  hold up quite as well over time.


Windows 365 Will Let You Stream Windows Anywhere
Microsoft already embraces the cloud in several of their applications and services like Office 365, OneDrive, and even with its Xbox gaming platform. Now it seems that the company is ready to take the entire Windows operating system to the cloud as they have formally announced Windows 365.

There’s A New Windows Update That You’ll Want To Install Right Now
If you are running Windows 10 or even an older build like Windows 7, there is a new update that Microsoft has issued that you’ll want to install right now. This is because this update will patch a vulnerability known as PrintNightmare that when exploited, would allow hackers to install programs on their computers, delete data, create user accounts with full access, and more.

How To Delete Old Windows Update Files
Are you finding yourself low on computer space? If you are, there is a chance that some old Windows update files could be taking up space on your hard drive, and deleting those files could be a good way to free up some of that precious memory.

Is Microsoft Saying Your PC Can’t Run Windows 11? You’re Not Alone
Microsoft recently announced that Windows 11 will be a free upgrade for those coming from Windows 10, assuming they meet the somewhat bare minimum hardware specs of a 64-bit processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage. Microsoft even introduced a tool that lets you check if your PC is eligible for the update.

Windows 11 Will Be A Free Upgrade For Windows 10 Users
In the past, upgrading to major versions of operating systems involved money, where users had to decide if the new features are worth paying money for. However, it seems that Microsoft will be taking a page out of Apple’s playbook because it looks like Windows 11 will be a free upgrade for those coming from Windows 10.

Windows 11 Might Finally Improve On Multi-Display Support
On Windows 10, users can use multiple displays with their setup. There are options to configure the layout of these displays, but there is an issue where if your computer goes to sleep and you  wake it up, all your apps get crammed back to the main display and you’ll need to reconfigure everything again.

Microsoft Could Kill Off Windows 10 In 2025
Windows 10 was first released in 2015 which means that it is 6 years old now, and it also seems that it has about 4 years left in it. This is according to Microsoft’s Windows 10 Home and Pro Lifecycle Policy page in which it states that Microsoft will continue to support at least one Windows 10 Semi-Annual Channel until 2025.

How To Show File Extensions In Windows 10
If you’re trying to figure out what file type a certain file is, looking at its extension can be helpful, but with Windows, Microsoft hides the extensions so here’s how you can turn it back on.

How To Take Full Page Screenshots In Chrome
Want to take a screenshot of an entire article you’re reading on a website? Instead of taking multiple screenshots and trying to stitch them up yourself, here’s a trick that will help you take full page screenshots in Chrome in seconds.

Microsoft’s Next Version Of Windows Will Be Shown Off On June 24
Last week, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella teased that the company was working on its next-gen Windows operating system. If you’re curious as to what kind of changes and improvements we can expect from Windows, the official information will be revealed on the 24th of June.

Support For Internet Explorer On Windows 10 Ends In 2022
Internet Explorer has gotten a bad rap over the years compared to other browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. So much so that when Microsoft launched Windows 10, the company opted to rebrand their browser to Edge. So what does this mean for Internet Explorer moving forwards?

Microsoft Confirms That Development On Windows 10X Is Dead
A couple of weeks ago, it was rumored that Microsoft might have killed off development on Windows 10X. For those who are unfamiliar, Windows 10X started out as a variant of Windows 10 designed for dual screened devices, like the Surface Neo. Microsoft later shifted their focus to single screen devices.

Microsoft Might Have Killed Development On Windows 10X
Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest operating system, but the company is working on variants of it. One of those is Windows 10X, which was originally designed with foldable devices, like the Surface Neo, in mind. However, later this changed where Microsoft wanted Windows 10X to focus on single-screen devices.

Microsoft Will Remove Flash From Windows 10 Computers This Summer
Now that Flash has officially reached its end of life, it seems that Microsoft will also be taking more proactive steps in removing it from Windows 10 computers. This is according to an updated blog post on Microsoft’s website where they revealed that they will include a Flash Player removal tool in Windows 10 patches starting this summer.

Microsoft Edge Will Soon Let You Send Tabs From Your PC To Android
One of the features of Google’s Chrome browser is that you can send pages from your computer to your phone. This is useful if you have a website you were reading halfway and want to continue to read on your mobile device. Now it looks like Microsoft’s Edge browser will let you do the same with browser tabs.

Latest Windows 10 Update Addresses Gaming Issues From Previous Update
There is a reason why when there are new updates, not everyone rushes out to get their hands on it. This is because there are times when an update actually poses more of a problem than a solution, so some people wait it out to give it some time for others to test and report back before updating.