Microsoft Testing Separating Search And Cortana In Windows

Microsoft has tried putting Cortana into many places, such as Windows where the digital assistant can be found in the search bar. However it seems that Microsoft is now trying a different approach where they have announced that they will be testing out separating the features from each other.

Microsoft Developing Remote Desktop App For The iPad

As much as Microsoft would love for everyone to buy into their Windows ecosystem where they use Windows-based computers, tablets, and smartphones, the reality is that we use devices from a variety of ecosystems. Microsoft seems to understand this as their strategy these days regarding mobile seems to be about embracing the competition and developing for them.

Cortana Will Soon Stop Interrupting Users During Windows 10 Setup

It probably goes without saying that Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant are currently at the top when it comes to digital assistants. Microsoft’s Cortana has been around for a while now although it never really did quite catch on, at least not in the way that Microsoft was hoping for. This is why it’s not surprising that the company might want to introduce users to Cortana any chance they get.

Windows 10 Market Share Finally Beats Windows 7

Windows 7 has for long been the most popular iteration of Microsoft’s desktop operating system. That has now changed about a year before the company officially drops support for this iteration. Windows 10 has now become the most popular version of Microsoft’s operating system in the world. It has taken this version three and a half years to establish a lead over the dominant iteration.


Windows Sandbox Will Let You Safely Run Unknown .exe Files

Running an untrusted .exe file on your Windows PC is a recipe for disaster. Viruses and malware is often spread on Windows using infected .exe files. Most users set up a virtual machine to test apps from unknown sources but Microsoft is now going to make it much easier to do that without risking your entire PC. A new Windows 10 feature called Windows Sandbox will allow users to safely […]

Latest Update Causing BSOD For Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 Devices

Late last month it was reported that an update to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 caused the device to fail in which it required users to send them back in for replacements. Unfortunately it seems that Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 has been affected with bad update as well, causing the dreaded BSOD (blue screen of death).

Microsoft Could Be Building A Chrome-Based Browser For Windows 10

When Microsoft introduced Windows 10, they also unveiled a new browser called Edge. Edge was admittedly faster and more modern compared to Internet Explorer, which over the years became something of a joke and punchline. However unsurprisingly, many users were still unwilling to make the switch from browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

iCloud For Windows Update Fixes Incompatibility Issues

Last week you guys might recall that following an update to Windows 10, those who installed iCloud on their computers were running into compatibility issues. The good news is that if you’re someone who relies pretty heavily on iCloud on their Windows computer to access their files, then you might want to update iCloud ASAP.

It’s Now Possible To Sign In To Your Microsoft Account Without A Password

It’s easier and more secure to sign in to your Microsoft Account. Microsoft has announced support for standards-based FIDO2 security key devices to enable users to sign into their Microsoft Account without having to punch in a username or password. It’s enabling support for the security key or Windows Hello through the Edge browser. Microsoft is also the first company to support password-less authentication through the FIDO2 WebAuthn and CTAP2 […]

Some Surface Pro 4 Units Are Being Replaced After Failed Firmware Update

We’ve seen instances in the past where an update to a device has caused problems, although usually this can be fixed by issuing another update that addresses the issue. However it’s not often that we come across updates that actually render the device unusable to the point where they might need replacing.

Microsoft Releases Tools To Help Develop Native ARM Apps For Windows

We know that Microsoft seems to have this thing for ARM ever since Windows RT which was their way of creating a version of Windows that would run on ARM devices. It did not exactly fare well, although Microsoft is trying their hand again with the launch of Windows 10 S, and now it seems that they’re taking things further by releasing Visual Studio 15.9 that will help developers create […]

Windows 10 Mail App Could Get Ads In The Future

If you use the Windows 10 Mail app just because you don’t want to put up with ads that you see from your email provider online, they might eventually follow you to the app as well. According to reports, Microsoft briefly ran a test in which it served advertisements within the Windows 10 mail app.

Windows 10 October Update Rollout Resumed

Microsoft has resumed rolling out the Windows 10 October update. It was originally released in the first week of last month but Microsoft had to pull the October update due to a bug which was causing data loss for those who installed it. The company has addressed the matter and is now rolling out this update to PCs once again.

Microsoft To Improve The Microsoft Store Experience For Gamers

In the early days of computers, software could be bought and installed from a variety of sources. While that is still true today, companies such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft have introduced their own storefronts which allows them to better control what kind of apps are used on their platforms.