Windows 10 Mail App Could Get Ads In The Future

If you use the Windows 10 Mail app just because you don’t want to put up with ads that you see from your email provider online, they might eventually follow you to the app as well. According to reports, Microsoft briefly ran a test in which it served advertisements within the Windows 10 mail app.

Windows 10 October Update Rollout Resumed

Microsoft has resumed rolling out the Windows 10 October update. It was originally released in the first week of last month but Microsoft had to pull the October update due to a bug which was causing data loss for those who installed it. The company has addressed the matter and is now rolling out this update to PCs once again.

Microsoft To Improve The Microsoft Store Experience For Gamers

In the early days of computers, software could be bought and installed from a variety of sources. While that is still true today, companies such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft have introduced their own storefronts which allows them to better control what kind of apps are used on their platforms.

Alexa App For Windows 10 PC Out Now

Alexa is now available for all Windows 10 PCs. Amazon’s Alexa app has already been available on select Windows 10 notebooks but the app has now been released on the Microsoft Store. This means that anyone with a Windows 10 computer can use Amazon’s digital personal assistant through the app. It’s available as a free download from the Microsoft Store.


Xbox Game Pass Will Be Coming To PCs Eventually

With Microsoft owning both the Windows and Xbox platforms, it’s not surprising that some features are integrated with each other, such as the Play Anywhere feature in which some games that are playable on the Xbox are also playable on your Windows PC. The good news for Windows gamers is that it looks like another Xbox feature could be headed our way.

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Officially Announced

Last year Samsung launched the Galaxy Book which was the company’s take and attempt to compete with Microsoft’s Surface tablets. We have heard rumors that a successor could be in the works and sure enough Samsung has since officially launched the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Windows tablet.

Microsoft Has Fixed Windows 10 Update Bug That Deleted Files

Earlier this week Microsoft had pulled a Windows 10 update after users had reported that due to a bug, some of their files were deleted  after updating. The good news is that Microsoft appears to have found the bug and fixed it, according to a post on the Windows Blog, and have already issued the latest update to its Windows Insiders.

Microsoft Confirms Sticky Notes Will Soon Be Coming To iOS & Android

A couple of months ago, a report suggested that one of Windows 10’s features, Sticky Notes, could eventually find its way to mobile. For those who are unfamiliar with the app, it’s basically Microsoft’s version of Notes on macOS and iOS, but the difference is that it acts like virtual sticky notes where you can paste it over your desktop for little reminders and memos.

Microsoft Will Help Windows 10 Users Affected By Update To Recover Their Files

Updates are usually seen as a good thing where they improve performance of a device or software, introduce new features, and so on. However sometimes updates don’t always go the way developers want, and in the case of the latest Windows 10 update, it seems that the update actually caused users to have files deleted, forcing Microsoft to pull the update.

Windows 10 Update That Deleted Files Has Been Pulled By Microsoft

Microsoft recently released the Windows 10 October Update but soon after users installed, they started complaining about the update deleting personal files in their documents folder. It didn’t make sense to anyone why this was happening after the computer was updated to the latest software. Amid reports about the update deleting personal files from the documents folders, Microsoft has now pulled the October update.

Windows Updates Won’t Interrupt Your Games Anymore

Microsoft’s Windows 10 has several features that are centered around gaming, such as features that help users take screenshots, stream, and so on. However in the latest update to Windows, it seems that Microsoft is finally doing away with an annoying feature of Windows, which is its uncanny ability to interrupt gaming sessions at crucial moments.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Announced

In case hybrid devices like the Surface Pro aren’t really for you and you’re still hankering for a “proper” laptop, then you’ll be interested to learn that Microsoft has since announced its latest Windows 10 laptop in the form of the Surface Laptop 2, the successor to last year’s Surface Laptop.

Windows 10 Lets Users Mirror Their Android Phones On Their Computer

There is a reason why there are many mobile apps that are now offering desktop counterparts. This is because switching between our phones and desktops can be distracting and can take away from our focus, however as much as we would like, not all mobile apps are readily available on the desktop just yet.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Officially Announced

When it comes to all-in-one (AIO) desktop systems, there are plenty of options out there. However if you wanted an AIO system that could also double as a massive drawing tablet, then you might be interested to learn that Microsoft has officially announced the Surface Studio 2, which Microsoft is claiming to be the most powerful Surface device they’ve ever built.