If you are running Windows 10 or even an older build like Windows 7, there is a new update that Microsoft has issued that you’ll want to install right now. This is because this update will patch a vulnerability known as PrintNightmare that when exploited, would allow hackers to install programs on their computers, delete data, create user accounts with full access, and more.

The vulnerability, related to the Print Spooler, was initially discovered by researchers at cybersecurity firm Sangfor. The researchers had accidentally published a proof-of-concept but by the time they deleted it, it was too late and it was shared on other platforms like GitHub. This means that presumably malicious hackers are aware of it and they could take advantage of it while it is still live.

Like we said, this affects not only Windows 10, but also Windows 7. Microsoft has already ended support for Windows 7 officially, but it seems that due to the severity of this vulnerability and the havoc it could unleash should it be exploited, Microsoft has made an exception and issued an update for it.

So if you haven’t updated your computer yet, now might be a good time to do so lest you fall victim to an attack that takes advantage of this security flaw.

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