When you’re on a plane you’d probably want your pilot to do little else than just fly the plane. You wouldn’t really feel comfortable if they diverted their attention from that crucial task for a moment to do something else, such as making videos to post on Snapchat. That’s precisely what two EasyJet pilots did on a recent flight and they have seen been suspended by the airline.

Granted that flying an airplane isn’t as taxing as it once was, with sophisticated onboard computers and the autopilot providing a helping hand. However, there’s a reason why we don’t have planes that takeoff, fly, and land on their own.

The industry still feels the need to have a pilot and a co-pilot behind the controls at all times despite all of these advancements which is probably why passengers might not appreciate finding out that the people in charge of the plane are actually busy with Snapchat.

EasyJet captain Michel Castellucci posted videos on Snapchat that showed him and his colleague having fun with the app’s various filters. There was even a video in which the captain included a poll to see if his followers wanted more. The videos were reportedly filmed at 30,000 ft on a flight from Paris to Madrid.

Castellucci is said to have an active social media presence prior to reports about the videos he made in the cockpit while flying surfaced. His social media accounts have now been deleted. A spokeswoman for the airline has confirmed that the pilots have been suspended pending a disciplinary investigation. She also added that the videos were filmed when the aircraft wasn’t performing any maneuver and that passenger safety was not compromised at any point.

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