Valve’s DotA 2 is completely free to play where players get to enjoy all of the game’s features without having to shell out a single cent. Valve is obviously not a charity organization which means that they still need to make money, and this is done by selling in-game items such as skins which in no way affects the gameplay.

However it looks like Valve is trying to find new ways of monetizing DotA 2 and have since announced Dota Plus. This is a new subscription feature for the game which for a price of $3.99 a month, will give users access additional features. Note that DotA 2 will remain the same and that Valve isn’t cutting out features or locking them behind a paywall.

Instead this will offer players with more features that some might find useful, such as the Plus Assistant that can provide players with data on their games and make suggestions. “Use the Plus Assistant to help you make build decisions by utilizing real-time item and ability suggestions. These suggestions are based on data gathered from millions of recent games at each skill bracket, ensuring your builds stay current in the ever-evolving meta. Better understand your playstyle by using new graphs and analysis tools both during the match and after it’s finished.”

Unsurprisingly there are some who aren’t too thrilled with Plus Assistant where some feel that it gives other players an unfair advantage. Whether or not you agree with that assessment is up to you, but for those who are interested, you can head on over to the Dota Plus website for more details about what it offers.

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