Going on holiday is usually a relaxing thing to do, but different people have different ways of relaxing, and if playing games is your way to taking a load off, then the Hilton hotel in Panama might be worth checking out. Why, you ask? This is because the hotel has furnished a room complete with Alienware hardware.

In a report from Xataka (via PC Gamer), the Hilton has a room in their Panama location that appears to be completely dedicated to gaming. As you can see from the photo above, it seems that it has everything gamers need and more. For starters there will be a massive display that players can enjoy their games on.

There will also be an Alienware computer setup, a chair complete with surround sound, and it seems that if gamers want to enjoy virtual reality, there is an Oculus Rift unit on standby. However that’s not all because if you just want to relax in bed and game, there will also be Alienware laptops provided as an alternative.

Unsurprisingly a night in this room does not come cheap as it will cost $350, but we suppose if you’re going with a friend then splitting the cost might make it more affordable.

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