It has been over ten years since Grand Theft Auto 4 was released and while you may not have been keeping track, the licenses for some of the songs that were featured in the soundtrack are due to expire soon. When such a time comes publishers have two options. They can either renew the licenses and continue using the songs or remove them altogether from the game. It appears that Rockstar has opted for the latter.

A new report reveals that “a lot of music” that was used in the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto 4 is going to expire on April 26th. Rockstar has before then to either renew the licenses so that the tracks can be used in the future or if it doesn’t want to renew the licenses, then it can’t use those tracks beyond the aforementioned date.

The report doesn’t mention the tracks that will be removed after the licenses have expired, only that it’s going to be a substantial quantity of music that will need to removed from the soundtrack.

If nothing changes till then with regards to the licenses, Grand Theft Auto 4 players can expect a patch to arrive in the days leading up to April 26th which is going to remove those tracks.

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