Treyarch recently announced the next Call of Duty game which will be Black Ops 4. They also announced that there will be a new battle royale mode added to the game called Blackout, and while the launch trailer for Blackout looked impressive along with the promises laid out by the developer, there is still one thing that is unclear: how many players will it support?


Given that Treyarch stated that the Blackout map will be the biggest map ever in the series, 1,500 times bigger than Nuketown, it sounds like it would be epic, but it appears that the developer is still unsure on how many players the map would support at once as apparently they are still experimenting with the player count, according to Treyarch’s studio design director David Vonderhaar who spoke to GameSpot.

According to Vonderhaar, “We haven’t actually decided. We have to create the best experience, and to create that experience in a Call of Duty universe, you have to try various flavors of that until you find the right one.” Considering that this will be a battle royale style map, it means that it needs to go beyond the current multiplayer limit otherwise it won’t feel different.

That being said, battle royale style games such as Fortnite and PUBG support 100 players and considering their popularity, perhaps Treyarch could be looking to do the same, but either way we’ll have to wait and see.

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