Nobody really uses film cameras anymore, not unless they’re a photography enthusiast. There’s really no need to, given that you can now get a digital camera in a cell phone that costs less than $100. It won’t be anything to write home about, but at least it will let you take basic photos and video. Canon stopped making film cameras nearly a decade ago but since it had old stock lying in warehouses, the company continued selling them. The company has now confirmed that sales of its film cameras are now ending for good.

That being said, film cameras are still much loved by photography enthusiasts even though you won’t find the average user spending their money on one. They will much prefer the convenience that digital cameras offer.

The EOS-1V was Canon’s last film SLR camera and the company had been selling it from old stock. It appears to have run out now as the company says that it has finally decided to end sales of the film SLR EOS-1V.

Those who wanted to purchase one will not be able to get one new but they will be available in used condition. Canon has also said that it will continue to service the camera until 2025 so fans of this series have ample time to work with the camera before the company also stops repairing them.

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