Many stores allow you to return gifts because even though you might appreciate the thought, chances are that there will be times that you have no use for a gift you have received. In such cases, it’s better to just return it and get credit from the store that you can put toward buying something you actually want. That’s something you will now be able to do at the Google Store.


The Google Store is where the company sells its hardware and it’s now where you can return a device that you have received as a gift. The process takes some time but at least better than keeping a device that you have no use for.

You can head over to the Google Store right now and find the returns option at the bottom of the page. You will be asked to enter the order number as well as the shipping ZIP code. So it would be best to hold on to the original packaging if you intend to return the gift or you will have to ask about this information from the person who gave you that gift. That’s not a conversation you’d particularly enjoy having with that person.

That information is required to locate the gift in Google’s system. It then lets you select the items that you want to return in exchange for credit that can be used for future purchases on the Google Store.

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