Given how many things around us are starting to become “smarter”, it was only a matter of time before our luggages got smarter too. Now we have seen some smart luggages in the past, but Incase has decided to toss their hat into the ring with the launch of the ProConnected suitcase that comes with some built-in smarts of its own.


So what are we looking at? For starters it seems that the highlight of the ProConnected suitcase would be its massive 20,100mAh battery. This is used to provide travellers with juice while they are on the go. For example you’re at the airport and there’s no power outlets available but you need to use your laptop or phone, so all you’d need to do is plug it into your suitcase and you’re good to go.

According to Incase, it will be powerful enough where it will be capable of charging a USB-C laptop. The battery itself also comes with Bluetooth which when paired with its accompanying app will let users track it on a map. Now there is an issue regarding lithium-ion batteries being checked in, which is some of the problems that other smart suitcase makers have run into in the past.

However with Incase, they have made the battery completely removable which means that if you wanted to check-in the ProConnected suitcase, it won’t be an issue. Unfortunately the suitcase is priced at $400 which means that as far as suitcases are concerned, it is not cheap but if you think you might have a use for it, head on over to Incase’s website for the details.

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