These days we are seeing more companies starting to make phones with edge-to-edge displays, where they are sometimes marketed as full screen phones. However the reality is that for the most part, many of them do not sport full screen displays as there is still some bezels left, but could Lenovo beat everyone to the punch?

In a post on Weibo (via Engadget) by Lenovo’s President Chang Cheng, he seems to be teasing that the company could be working on a “true” all-screen smartphone. In the sketch that he uploaded (see above), he references what he is calling the Lenovo Z5, and from what we can tell this is a smartphone that truly has an all-screen design.

This means that not only are the bezels on the edge gone, but so is the notch at the top. We’ve seen this approached in a couple of different ways, such as with the iPhone X where the speaker and front-facing camera are placed in the notch that interrupts the display. There is also Samsung’s approach in which they include a bezel that’s big enough to house the camera and speaker. Lenovo seems to have eliminated all of that entirely.

Chang did not go into more details regarding this phone, so for all we know it could simply be a concept, but the post on Weibo does reference several tech breakthroughs and also 18 patents, so perhaps this design could soon become a reality.

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