NVIDIA introduced its GeForce Partner Program in March this year. The idea was to provide gamers “full transparency into the GPU platform and software they’re being sold” by having its resellers and hardware partners reportedly align their gaming brands with GeForce gear exclusively. The reception wasn’t that good which is probably why almost two months after the program was announced, NVIDIA has confirmed that it’s shutting down the GeForce Partner Program.

NVIDIA promised companies manufacturing its graphics cards or making PCs with NVIDIA hardware inside that they will receive free promotion and early access to its latest innovations if they decided to become part of the GeForce Partner Program.

NVIDIA didn’t reveal what it wanted in return for that but reports suggested that it had told partners that in order to get on the program, they must align their gaming brands exclusively with GeForce. The company did say in its initial release that the program wasn’t exclusive and that partners would retain the ability to “sell and promote products from anyone.”

“The rumors, conjecture and mistruths go far beyond its intent,” NVIDIA writes in the post announcing the end of this program, adding that instead of “battling” the misinformation it has decided to pull the plug on the GeForce Partner Program.

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