These days we are starting to see more mesh router systems being sold in the market. For those who are not familiar with mesh router systems, basically these are routers that are designed to be placed around your home, which in turn forms a “mesh” of WiFi around your home which in theory should eliminate any dead spots.

However the only problem is that you need to use the same mesh router system for your entire home, meaning that if you were to furnish your home with Google WiFi and one unit is broken, you’ll need to replace it with another Google WiFi unit and not another brand’s. However the Wi-Fi Alliance is hoping to change that with a new standard called EasyMesh.

The idea is that with this new standard, it will allow manufacturers to make mesh routers that will be compatible with other mesh routers. This means that users will be able to pick and choose their routers depending on preference like features and pricing. However there is a catch and that is companies have the choice to not comply with the new standard.

This means that if a company wants to keep users locked into its system, they can do that which kind of defeats the point. However the Wi-Fi Alliance seems to believe that EasyMesh will catch on, but we suppose only time will tell.

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