There are plenty of compact cameras available in the market today, many of which offer users long-zoom lenses for those that like to get up close and personal. However if you have the cash to splash and wouldn’t mind getting a new digital compact camera, Leica might have something for you with the Leica C-Lux.

As some have pointed out, the C-Lux is essentially a rebranding of the Panasonic ZS200, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It will continue to feature the ZS200’s 15x 24-360mm f/3.3-6.4 lens and will also feature a 1-inch 20.1MP sensor. We’re also looking at a 49-point autofocus system, the ability to shoot up to 10fps, and it is also capable of recording 4K videos.

There is also built-in Bluetooth and WiFi for those who wish to transfer photos and videos wirelessly instead of having to rely on a cable. However we’re sure that many are also curious about the main thing, and that is it’s price. Given that we’re talking about a Leica, you’d think that there would be a premium imposed on it, and you would be right.

The Leica- C-Lux is priced at $1,050 which is pretty pricey when you consider it is essentially a compact camera, but given the the ZS200 is only $250 cheaper, we guess it’s not too hefty of a price tag to get the Leica branding if you care about that sort of thing.

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