Ahead of E3 2018, the folks at Naughty Dog released a very short teaser for The Last of Us 2, indicating that they would be revealing more at E3. If this is a game that you have been looking forward to, then you’ll be very pleased to learn that Sony and Naughty Dog have since released a gameplay trailer for the upcoming game.

So far the trailers released for the game have been a bit dark and melancholy, and this gameplay trailer is no exception. It gives us a good look at the game, the graphics, and what we might be able to expect in terms of gameplay and also its storyline. The trailer also shows off some new features and mechanics, such as hiding under cars, dodging, craft new weapons such as arrows, and so on.

Unfortunately apart from the very long gameplay trailer, there was no mention of when the game will be released. The Last of Us was originally released back in 2013 which means that it has been about 5 years since the previous game. We have heard that the game could see a 2018 release, but that’s starting to seem unlikely since Sony and Naughty Dog would have announced a release date had it been planned for 2018. This means that chances are we’re looking at a 2019 release at the earliest.

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