Verizon already offers two “unlimited” plans to subscribers and it has launched another one today called Above Unlimited. None of these unlimited plans offer as much data as users want, but the new plan does offer the most amount of data that they can get before they start to get throttled. Users are throttled on these unlimited plans “in times of congestion” until their monthly data allotment is reset.

The Above Unlimited plan that Verizon has launched today costs $95 per month for a single line and provides 75GB of data. Users will be throttled after this hit this cap or 20GB if they’re using it as a hot spot.

The price is $10 more than the Beyond Unlimited plan which provides subscribers with 22GB of data and 15GB of hot spot usage. The basic Go Unlimited plan is $20 cheaper and while it doesn’t seem to have a cap, it does throttle video to 480p quality and limits hot spot speeds to 600Kbps.

Verizon users who tend to use a lot of mobile data per month will be happy that the company now offers even more for a higher price, but at least they don’t have to make do with throttled speeds for the rest of their cycle when they do hit the upper cap.

The carrier also announced today that families on unlimited plans can have different versions of the plan on different devices so they no longer need to have the same service option on every line. Verizon’s Above Unlimited plan will be available to subscribers starting June 18th.

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