Valve had been warning developers whose games include adult or violent content to remove the explicit themes if they want the games to be allowed on Steam. It later adopted a slightly lenient content policy which allowed controversial content through as long as it wasn’t illegal. However, according to one developer, Valve hasn’t completely ended its moderation practices.

Valve is reportedly holding back some games from Steam that feature adult content. This was first claimed by Shining Song Starnova creator Love in Space through Twitter after its title was withheld from Steam until the developers satisfied new requirements. Valve later confirmed to Gamasutra that “Yes, some titles are being held. We will have more info on this soon.”

The company has added that it’s working on new features which will provide users with more control over the content they see. It’s unclear what Valve considers as a violation of its content policy and it’s yet to provide any information about the new features.

Many developers who have submitted games like Love in Space for listing on Steam are effectively in limbo right now. Valve hasn’t told them when it will allow the withheld games to be listed on Steam so until that happens, the developers are essentially flying in the dark.

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