A browser-based Game Boy Advance emulator on GitHub is now in Nintendo’s sights. The company has sent a DMCA notice for the emulator which enables people to play popular Game Boy titles within their web browser. Nintendo wants the emulator to be shut down.


Nintendo has a reputation of going after emulators and fan-made games that are based on its intellectual property so this DMCA notice doesn’t really come as a surprise. However, those who really want to play Game Boy Advanced titles struggle to find a proper platform.

Consider yourself lucky if you have one of the original handhelds or you just might have to spend a significant chunk of money in the second-hand market. The other option for fans is to buy digital versions of the games for the Wii U and then play them inside the Virtual Console.

Nintendo doesn’t provide a Virtual Console inside the Switch but it will get the company’s classic games as part of an online subscription service. That won’t be released until September, though, so fans are out of luck until then and even that will only offer Nintendo Entertainment System games.

Many Nintendo fans would certainly be hoping that the company makes it easier for them to play Game Boy Advance titles but it doesn’t seem to be coming up with an alternative just yet.

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