The existing generation of NVIDIA’s GeForce gaming GPUs was launched a couple of years ago and there have been reports recently that the company might launch its next generation of GPUs in the near future. According to a new report, the GeForce GTX 11 Series may be unveiled by NVIDIA next month.

NVIDIA is reportedly sending invitations to the press for a PC-focused event at Gamescom which begins August 21st. The invitation doesn’t specify that NVIDIA will launch new hardware at the event, it just promises a hands-on presentation of the latest PC games.

However, there’s some circumstantial evidence to support reports that the company will soon be launching its GeForce GTX 11 Series of GPUs in the near future. For example, a Lenovo product manager openly talked about NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 11 Series during E3 2018 last month and referred to a Lenovo gaming PC equipped with NVIDIA’s GeForce 11 Series GPU.

The company’s next generation GPUs are believed to be based on its Turing platform and the fact that it recently commemorated Alan Turing’s birthday on Twitter also leads many to believe that an announcement may not be far off.

Reports suggest that the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1180 will be capable of powering gameplay at 4K resolution with a 144Hz refresh rate, a clock speed of up to 1.8GHz, up to 16GB of GDDR6 memory, and 3,584 CUDA cores.

NVIDIA hasn’t confirmed or denied the report so far.

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