If there is a “problem” with many a smartphone these days is that most of them are starting to feature batteries that cannot be swapped out or replaced easily. This means that if your phone’s battery is depleted, you can’t just swap in a fresh one. However Panasonic has decided to keep that feature around with its new Android Toughbooks.

Coming in the form of the Toughbook T1 and the Toughbook L1 (the former is a 5-inch smartphone and the latter a 7-inch tablet), one of the key features of either device is the fact that its batteries are “warm swappable”. This means that users will be able to swap out the batteries on either device without having to reboot it.

Note that this is different from hot swappable where you can swap out components, like a keyboard on a computer, while the computer is still active. Warm swappable usually requires the computer being in some kind of idle or suspended mode. That being said, apart from their warm swappable batteries, both smartphone and tablet come with features aimed at business and enterprise users.

For example they have been designed to be rugged for daily use in all kinds of conditions with MIL-STD-810G specifications and IP66/68 ratings, and will also come with barcode readers so that they can be used to process products like in a factory. They both also promise long-lasting battery life. Unfortunately neither device will come cheap as they are priced starting at $1,500.

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