These days our instant messenger apps are more than just apps to send messages with. For example many of these such apps are capable of making voice and video calls, playing games, sharing files, and even making mobile payments. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that Telegram has introduced a new feature to its app.

Dubbed “Passport”, according to Telegram this is a unified authorization method for services that might require personal identification. All users have to do is upload their official documents and then be able to share that information on the fly with services that might call for them, such as finance, ICOs, and more.

This might sound like a privacy nightmare waiting to happen, but according to Telegram, “Your identity documents and personal data will be stored in the Telegram cloud using End-to-End Encryption. It is encrypted with a password that only you know, so Telegram has no access to the data you store in your Telegram passport. When you share data, it goes directly to the recipient.”

The feature should already be live so all you’d have to do is own the latest version of Telegram and you’ll be good to go. Telegram also notes that they will be adding more features such as third-party verification in the future.

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