If you’re a Telegram user who feels that maybe the service is still lacking a bit compared to other services, then you might be interested in the latest update to the app. The developers behind the app have managed to push out one final update before 2021 closes and it brings a ton of new features to the app.

This includes reactions, which allow users to attach emojis to messages they’ve received, similar to reactions you might find on Facebook Messenger and Apple’s iMessage. There is also a new spoiler feature where people can talk about things in a group chat, like movies, and have the text be hidden.

This means that users can safely discuss topics and if someone else in the group hasn’t seen the movie, they won’t get any spoilers unless they tap on it to unhide it. Last but not least, Telegram is also introducing a translation feature. This will let you chat with people in other languages and have it translated within the app.

There are other apps like WeChat that already support translation, so this isn’t really anything new, but like we said, for those who use Telegram as their daily driver for messaging, these updates are probably a welcome one.

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