Many are wondering what the future holds for Blizzard’s Diablo franchise. Given how big a part of Blizzard Diablo is, it’s safe to say that the company definitely has not forgotten about it. In fact not too long ago it was discovered that there were job listings that hinted at a new Diablo project in the works.

Blizzard themselves seem to have confirmed that in a recently uploaded video where community manager Brandy Camel talks about the newest season of Diablo 3. However in the video, Camel also confirmed that Blizzard has “multiple” Diablo projects in the works. She noted that some of these projects could take longer to materialize, but she also hinted that there would be some announcements made later this year in which we can only assume she’s talking about BlizzCon 2018.

So far the general consensus has been that the previous BlizzCons have been a bit of a letdown when it came to Diablo-related announcements, simply because there was next to nothing unless you count the Necromancer DLC. It is unclear what Blizzard has in store for the Diablo franchise, but last we heard there were rumors of the game possibly arriving on the Nintendo Switch, so maybe we’ll learn more about that later this year.

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