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Snapchat is rolling out a new set of Lenses today that’s different from what users have become accustomed to. These Lenses don’t respond to facial gestures like their predecessors but they will respond to voice. This is the first such set of Lenses of its kind that Snapchat has released.


Earlier Lenses were activated by facial gestures such as raising the eyebrows or sticking out the tongue. These new Lenses will be activated in response to simple English words such as “Ok,” “Wow,” “Hi,” and “Love.” Once the app picks up on the spoken word, the Lenses will animate. Each of these words will trigger some kind of response from the Lense.

When users come across these new Lenses in carousel, there will be on-screen instructions to guide them on how to use these voice-activated Lenses. They only animated in response to pre-selected English words right now but there’s no doubt that there will be more down the line which will work with other words as well.

It’s actually not the first time that Snapchat has released an audio lens. It added an animal mask in May this year which responded to the sound it heard. This new set kicks things up a notch, though. The voice-activated Lenses are rolling out to all Snapchat users on iOS and Android starting today.

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