It has been a while since Valve launched a brand new game, and while many are undoubtedly still hanging onto the hope that we will eventually see Half-Life 3, Valve did announce a while back that their next game would be called Artifact. This is a digital card game that would be based on DotA 2.

The game is scheduled for a launch this coming November, but the good news is that Valve is planning on hosting a beta for it. This was announced during The International (Valve’s annual DotA 2 tournament) where it was revealed that all attendees of the tournament will be given beta access to the game.

The attendees will also be given a copy of the game, with the beta scheduled for a launch in October. There is no word on whether Valve has plans to eventually make Artifact available to non-attendees, and if there could be plans to eventually launch an open beta, but for now the access to the beta is kind of exclusive. Valve also notes that those who attend PAX West will also be given a key for the beta access.

Unlike other digital card games like Blizzard’s Hearthstone, Artifact will cost $20 to own. Cards that players obtain in the game can also be traded and sold via the Steam Community Marketplace, much like real-life card games such as Magic: the Gathering.

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