Blizzard’s World of Warcraft MMORPG was launched in 2004, which means that this year marks the 14th year that the game has been around. Safe to say that plenty of expansions have since been released, along with a bunch of changes made to the game both in terms of gameplay and graphics.


This means that for new players, this can feel very overwhelming in terms of the things that they can do in the game, and for returning players, it can end up feeling like a very different game from what they knew. To that end, Blizzard has since published a new video guide aimed at new and returning player to help get them up to speed on the changes that they can expect.

The video was put together by Bellular, who for many World of Warcraft players might recognize as a YouTuber who has in the past (and currently) puts out a lot of video guides for the game, where he discusses things like class changes, new mechanics, changes made to raids, and talks about the lore in the game.

It is a very well put together video (as expected from Bellular) and if you have 12 minutes or so to spare, it could be worth checking out if you are planning to get into the game. In the meantime the Battle for Azeroth expansion will be launched next week and currently there are pre-expansion events running that could be worth getting into for the achievements and rewards.

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