There has been a lot of talk about NVIDIA’s latest graphics cards over the past week and AMD doesn’t want its competitor to hog the spotlight, understandably. The company has confirmed that it’s going to launch the world’s first graphics cards this year based on the 7nm process technology.


AMD has previously confirmed that its new 7nm products will be manufactured by TSMC after its other contract manufacturer, GlobalFoundries, announced that it’s ceasing all 7nm-related development even though it was due to sample 7nm products to customers later this year.

The company confirmed via a press release last week that AMD’s next major milestone is the introduction of its 7nm product portfolio. The first 7nm GPU is planned to launch later this year. AMD has also said that its first 7nm CPUs, based on the next-generation Zen 2 x86 64 bit core, are on track to launch in 2019.

AMD is yet to reveal the detailed specifications of its new 7nm GPU but it did demonstrate the technology at Computex in June this year. The GPU is based on an improved version of the Vega architecture that AMD launched last year. One can reasonably expect the new GPU to come with higher clock speeds, a significant amount of memory bandwidth, and improved power efficiency given that it’s going to be based on the 7nm process technology.

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