The other day Sony announced the PlayStation Classic. This is essentially Sony’s take on the Classic consoles that Nintendo helped popularized from a couple of years ago. However as is the case with Nintendo’s Classic consoles, Sony also noted that its PlayStation Classic would not come with an AC adapter of its own.


Now this led to some wondering how on earth will they be able to power the device? The good news is that according to a Sony spokesperson, they told IGN that gamers would be able to use any AC adapter that meets the 5V/1.0A requirement, which they pointed out more or less includes those that are typically bundled with smartphones.

According to the rep, “Power for PlayStation Classic can be supplied using any USB power source meeting the 5V/1.0A requirement, including those that come with smartphones.” Granted this might seem troublesome to not have its own AC adapter, but considering that it is considered to be an environmental waste to have so many chargers, why not make use of one that you already have lying around, right?

The rep also confirmed that despite the USB ports that are used to connected the bundled controllers, newer controllers like the DualShock 4 will not work with it. “Peripherals for the original PlayStation or later platforms are not supported on PlayStation Classic, which is designed to work with the bundled controllers.”

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