In the past games like Call of Duty would sell their DLCs either as a season pass or individually, where the latter allowed gamers to save some money by letting them choose what content they wanted. However it also ended up fragmenting the player base as it meant that not all players could enjoy the same content together.


As you might have heard, Activision has decided to do away with that model of Black Ops 4 and for those wondering how much the season pass for the game will cost, a listing on GAME UK’s website (via Comic Book) has revealed that it will cost roughly $50. This is essentially the same price as previous season passes so players don’t need to worry about price increases.

The full details of the season pass have not been revealed, but they are expected to contain “Classified” Zombies Map, 12 multiplayer maps, 4 additional Zombies Experiences, and 4 Exclusive Blackout Characters.; That being said, the price of the game and the season pass might seem pricey for some.

However there is the Digital Deluxe Edition copy of the game which will cost $100. This will save gamers some money, although not by much. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is currently set for a release on the 12th of October where it will be playable on the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC.

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