With Activision releasing new Call of Duty titles on an almost clockwork-like schedule, you would think that gamers would grow tired of the franchise. However it turns out that despite having gone on for years on end, Activision’s latest Call of Duty title, Black Ops 4, has still managed to break previous records.

According to Activision, the company claims that Black Ops 4 has broken the record for its biggest day one digital release, surpassing older titles such as 2017’s WWII, which we suppose is good news since every release should be an improvement over its predecessor. The company is also boasting the Black Ops 4 had the strongest day one digital full game sales on the PS4, and also the best-selling digital game of all time for Activision for the Xbox One.

As for the PC, it turns out that the game was also a smashing success, where it managed to sell double the amount compared to WWII 2017. This is interesting because Black Ops 4 is available exclusively through Blizzard’s Battle.net launcher, which is admittedly more niche as it mostly houses Blizzard’s games.

That being said, many seem to be pretty pleased with Black Ops 4 and in reviews, many have praised the game’s Blackout mode which is Activision and Treyarch’s take on the popular battle royale style kind of gameplay.

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