A new research report has revealed that Facebook logins are being sold by hackers on the dark web for just $2.60. The report came hours after it was revealed that a significant data breach had left at least 50 million Facebook accounts compromised. It won’t be surprising for many to hear that online credentials are sold on the dark web but it may be troubling that these stolen logins go for merely a couple of dollars.

Money Guru’s research also mentions that hacked email logins are being sold on the dark web as well. Anyone with the right browser and web addresses can reach these marketplaces and purchase Facebook and email logins. This research is based on the availability of logins for sale of the 26 most commonly used accounts on the internet.

It doesn’t stop there. Financial data is available cheaply as well. Credit card and debit card information is often sold for as little as $14 and $19.50 respectively. It’s basically possible to purchase someone’s entire online identity for under $1000. This would include social media profiles, online shopping accounts, and entertainment services. The data would also include personal information such as phone numbers and addresses. It’s thus important more than ever before to be extra careful about online security.

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