These days pretty much all digital cameras come with a display on their back. After all this is one of the main advantages a digital camera has over analog, where you can immediately see the photo that you’ve just taken to decide whether or not you need to take another one and make further adjustments.

However it seems that Leica is trying to challenge the norm and has announced its latest digital camera, the Leica M10-D which will actually launch sans rear display. Instead it seems that Leica has replaced the rear display with an exposure compensation dial, meaning that your focus will purely be on the photo taking process.

However the M10-D will come with features such as built-in WiFi connectivity that will allow users to pair and connect the camera to the accompanying smartphone app. The app will be able to act as the camera’s display if you so choose, and will also allow users to transfer photos taken from the camera to their phones.

For the most part the M10-D will be based on the M10, minus the built-in WiFi and the removal of the rear display. It will feature the use of a 24MP full-frame sensor and just like all Leica cameras, does not come cheap at $8,000.

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