Product catalogs have been around since forever. You could get them at the big stores or in the mail for products that you could get delivered. Even though there has been a significant change in the way people shop now over the past few years, product catalogs have largely remained the same. This is what a company called Magik Book intends to change.

Its product is called Magik Book as well and it’s essentially the product catalog of the future. It’s a physical book which can connect to a tablet. When a page is turned, the link device responds with synchronized animations, music, images, 3D models, and more.

The product has been designed primarily as a marketing tool for stores and showrooms. The catalog can provide a more interactive in-store experience to customers while retailers can use it to link their physical stores with their online presence.

The book comes in a case that can fold out into a stand. The device is then angled in the direction of the user while the book itself remains flat. The content tailored to each page is shown in a custom app.

This happens through the company’s patented advanced magnetic field technology which uses the compass and other sensors in the tablet. It works with both iOS and Android devices and requires no batteries or pairing.

Magik Book is a B2B product right now which means it’s only being sold to agencies and brands for marketing. The company is working on software which will enable small businesses and even consumers to create their own Magik Book experience and order it online.

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