Chinese manufacturers have been coming up with interesting ways of ditching the notch in favor of smartphones that are almost entirely full-screen. Some have gone with sliding mechanisms as well but Nubia is going in another direction entirely. The newly announced Nubia X is a dual screen smartphone without front cameras. Users will have to rely on the rear dual camera for selfies and that’s where there’s a secondary OLED display at the back.

The Nubia X has a 6.26 inch FHD+ resolution LCD display at the front which is almost full-screen. There’s a secondary 5.1 inch 1,520×720 pixel resolution OLED display at the back with the dual rear cameras. The implementation is similar to the Yota Phone but this is an OLED panel.

The device doesn’t have a front camera so you’ll have to use the two cameras (16 megapixel + 24 megapixel) at the back for selfies and video calls. The idea is that you just flip the device and use the secondary display to do what you’d normally do using a front camera.

There’s nothing preventing the rear display to function as the main display. The device even has a fingerprint sensor on each side bezel so that users can use whichever display they want as their daily driver.

The rear OLED panel can be used as an always-on display when it’s not actively being used. It will even be possible to map its touchscreen as two additional buttons for when you’re playing games.

Its specs are what you’d expect from a premium phone in 2018. It has a Snapdragon 845 with up to 8GB of RAM and a 3,800mAh battery. Prices for the Nubia X start at $470. It will be available in China initially.

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