It goes without saying that you’re looking for trouble if you use your phone while you’re driving. If the cops notice, they will most certainly pull you over and write you a ticket. That’s precisely what happened to Jason Stiber in Connecticut. The cop thought he was talking on the phone while driving so he was pulled over and given a $300 ticket. However, Stiber claims that he was actually eating a McDonald’s hash brown which the cop thought was a phone.


Stiber told the Times Union that he wasn’t using his phone behind the wheel. “I was eating a hash brown and he thought he saw a cellphone near my mouth,” he said.

Now that might sound like a silly excuse to a lot of people but his phone records show that he wasn’t using the device to make a call when he was pulled over for the ticket. Stiber also said that he has Bluetooth which doesn’t require him to hold the phone close to the face when speaking on a call in the car.

The court doesn’t seem to agree with his explanation, though. Stiber fought the ticket in court but lost. He now has a retrial that’s scheduled on December 8th at the state Superior Court. Would you put your money on his side of the story holding up?

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