Samsung recently confirmed that it will be unveiling its much-rumored foldable smartphone next year. The company did show off the foldable display that will ship with this device at SDC 2018 earlier this month. While it hasn’t revealed anything about pricing and availability at this point in time, reports suggest that it will be a very expensive device. One recent claims that the price might be around $2,500.

A report by Gizmodo UK claims that this smartphone, which may be called the Galaxy Flex, is going to be exclusive to one carrier in the United Kingdom. It also mentions that the handset may be priced between £1,500 and £2,000. A simple conversion reveals the price range to be $1,920 – $2,560.

Granted, smartphone pricing does vary by market and a straight conversion is never really a good indication of the pricing. However, what it does do is provide us with a range in which the price of the device will fall.

If the information in this report is accurate, it can then be reasonably believed that Samsung’s foldable Galaxy smartphone may cost more than $1,500. At that rate, it would only be seasoned enthusiasts picking up this device as Samsung likely won’t find a lot of takers for it in the general public.

The price will eventually come down in a couple of years once the component and manufacturing processes get cheaper but until then, the vast majority of customers may opt against purchasing the foldable smartphone largely because of its high price.

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