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Huawei Mate X2 Foldable Phone Becomes Official
Following intense rumors (mostly accurate), Huawei has launched the Huawei Mate X2, its latest foldable phone, which also happens to be its most expensive device, at $2784.The most significant change is a complete 180-degree turnaround in the industrial design, which went from having the display facing outwards to a book-style inward-facing screen, Galaxy Fold style.The book-style design has a few advantages that were probably decisive in Huawei’s decision: First, it […]

Samsung New Vertical Folding Phone Design
During the Samsung Developer Conference 2019 keynote, Samsung was outlining One UI 2, its proprietary User Interface for Galaxy devices (and beyond).

LG G8x ThinQ Dual-Screen: Folding For The Masses?Editor's Pick
As the industry explores the expansion of mobile phone displays, LG has refrained from jumping too deep into foldable screens as it focuses on “tactical innovation,” which means that the company will only heavily invest in producing proven technologies.

Huawei Mate X Delayed To September For Extra Testing
2019 was supposed to be the year of the foldable phone, but it is already halfway through the year and we still do not have any idea of how these phones are supposed to change our lives, or at least the way we use our smartphones. This is because not only has the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s launch been delayed, but so has the Huawei Mate X.


Xiaomi Posts Another Teaser Video For Foldable Smartphone
Xiaomi didn’t launch its foldable smartphone at the Mobile World Congress last month but the company did drop a teaser to show that it’s in the game as well. As Samsung gears up to release the Galaxy Fold next month, the company has now dropped another teaser to ensure that people don’t forget it has a foldable smartphone too. What it hasn’t revealed so far is that when we can […]

OnePlus Not Jumping On Foldable Phone Bandwagon For Now
5G and foldable smartphones were all the rage at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona this week. Many companies showed of their devices. Huawei had the Mate X on display while Samsung had the Galaxy Fold. Oppo took to Weibo to unveil a prototype of its foldable phone on the same day. OnePlus was missing from the pack and the company says that it’s in no rush to jump […]

Huawei Mate X: An Awesome Foldable OLED PhoneEditor's Pick
As promised ahead of the MWC show, Huawei launched the Huawei Mate X, its first foldable phone. It comes just days after Samsung launched its Galaxy Fold (watch the video) which we saw in San Francisco on Wednesday.

LG Says It Won't Launch A Foldable Smartphone At MWC 2019
Foldable smartphones will be all the rage at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona next week. Earlier reports had suggested that perhaps LG might announce one of its own alongside its new flagship smartphones. However, the Korean company has now revealed that it does not have plans to unveil a foldable smartphone at MWC 2019.

Huawei To Unveil Foldable Phone At MWC 2019
Huawei doesn’t want Samsung to hog the spotlight with its foldable smartphone. The company has posted a teaser online which confirms that it’s going to unveil a foldable smartphone at its MWC 2019 press event in Barcelona later this month. It has long been reported that Huawei has been working on a foldable smartphone of its own.

Xiaomi Shows Off A Unique Foldable Smartphone Prototype
It seems that foldable smartphones will be all the range in 2019. Samsung is expected to launch one as early as next month while others like Huawei are also expected to show their hand in the coming months. Xiaomi is in the running as well and the company has now unveiled a rather unique prototype of a foldable smartphone.

Patent Shows What Motorola's Razr Foldable Phone May Look Like
It was reported recently that Motorola could be thinking about reviving its iconic Razr brand. The company isn’t going to launch a slim flip phone, though. The report mentioned that Motorola was creating a foldable smartphone which would be launched under the Razr brand. A patent awarded to Motorola might give us an idea of what this device could look like.

Motorola Razr May Return As A $1,500 Foldable Smartphone
There was a time when the Motorola Razr was considered to be the epitome of mobile design. It was a mighty brand and Motorola had a lot of success with it. The company has tried to revive the brand multiple times over the past few years but since the industry has moved beyond slim flip phones, it hasn’t been able to achieve the same heights again. However, with foldable smartphones […]

World's First Foldable Smartphone Comes From A Chinese Manufacturer
You may not have heard of Royole. The company largely makes components but it has now developed a smartphone to showcase its flexible AMOLED technology. The device is called FlexPai and it’s the world’s first proper foldable smartphone. It has beaten the likes of Samsung and Huawei to the punch.

LG Foldable Smartphone In Development As Well
There has been much talk about foldable smartphones over the years. Samsung has reportedly been working on one for the past couple of years. It has only recently acknowledged the device’s existence and is expected to provide a preview of its foldable smartphone this November. LG has now revealed that it’s working on a foldable smartphone as well.

Xiaomi And Oppo May Be Working On Foldable Smartphones Too
With the smartphone industry having firmly adopted the bezel-less and notched display trends, it appears that the foldable form factor is the next in line. We have long heard rumors that Samsung has a foldable smartphone in the pipeline. The company is expected to release it next year and recent reports suggest that Huawei wants to beat Samsung to market with a foldable smartphone. It may not be the only […]

Huawei Reportedly Finds Display Partner For Foldable Smartphone
Huawei is one of the companies believed to be working on a foldable smartphone. Similar reports have come up about Samsung as well over the past few years but the company is yet to offer concrete information about the rumored device. A new report claims that Huawei has now found a display partner for its foldable smartphone and that it’s working with China-based display maker BOE to bring its foldable […]

LG Foldable Smartphone Ambitions Possibly Uncovered
It seems like foldable smartphones will be all the rage in a couple of years. Whether or not they take off in the market is another matter entirely but quite a few manufacturers are believed to be working on this form factor. ZTE was one of the first to bring one to market last year and it appears that LG might have some foldable smartphone ambitions of its own.LG has […]

Several Manufacturers May Launch Foldable Smartphones Next Year
We’ve been hearing for many years now that Samsung is developing a foldable smartphone. While we’ve yet to see the company come out with one yet, ZTE launched its foldable device just last month. The ZTE Axon M is a dual screen smartphone that’s exclusive to AT&T in the United States. According to a new report, there’s going to be an influx of new foldable smartphones from several manufacturers next […]

Huawei May Launch Foldable Smartphone Next Year
There has been a lot of talk about Samsung building a foldable smartphone for the past couple of years. However, we’ve yet to see anything tangible from the company. It’s certainly not the only major company that might be working on something like this. At least Huawei has officially confirmed that it has a working prototype of its foldable smartphone. Huawei is expected to launch its foldable smartphone at some […]

ZTE Axon M Folding Smartphone Officially Launched
There had been a lot of rumors over the past couple of months about a new smartphone from ZTE. The company was reportedly working on a foldable smartphone called the Axon M and that’s precisely what it has officially announced today. ZTE’s much-rumored foldable smartphone is now official. As expected, it’s going to be an AT&T-exclusive in the United States.