Back in August, NVIDIA announced new GPUs in the form of the RTX 2080 Ti. Given its asking price of $999, safe to say that this GPU is not cheap and is clearly aimed at professionals and enthusiasts who might require the power and performance that the GPU has to offer. Unfortunately there have been reports of users complaining about the GPU failing on them.

In a post on the NVIDIA forums (via IGN), the company has finally acknowledged that some of the RTX 2080 Ti GPUs that they have put out might be defective. The post on the forum reads, “Limited test escapes from early boards caused the issues some customers have experienced with RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition. We stand ready to help any customers who are experiencing problems.”

Basically it sounds like what NVIDIA is saying is that during the testing part of their GPUs during the early stages of production, some potentially faulty components somehow managed to slip past during the QA process and ended up in the boards being sold to consumers, and thus resulted in some boards failing.

In any case the good news is that NVIDIA will give you an exchange if you have one of their defective models, so if that’s you, head on over to NVIDIA’s support page to get in touch with an NVIDIA agent who will help sort it out for you.

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