Rockstar appears to have given up on a stealth action game it announced over a decade ago. Agent was initially announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive but it never really materialized in all those years. The PlayStation 4 eventually came out and there was no word on Agent’s future. Now there is, Rockstar has abandoned its trademark on the game.

With Rockstar letting the trademark for this game go, it seems that the publisher no longer wants to hold on to this brand even for use at some point in the future. It’s pretty much a solid confirmation that it gave up on the project first announced for the PlayStation 3 a long time ago.

The US Patent and Trademark Office listing for Agent mentions that it has been abandoned because no Statement of Use or Extension request was filed after the Notice of Allowance was issued. Rockstar had briefly named and detailed Agent at E3 2009, saying that it would be a single-player stealth action game that took players across the globe “amid the shadowy world of espionage and assassins in the darkest hours of the 1970s.”

It sounds fun but unfortunately, we’ll never get to experience it. Rockstar did renew the Agent trademark in 2013 which led to speculation that perhaps this project was not dead after all. Its abandonment of the trademark conclusively proves that it wants nothing to do with this game anymore.

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