Electric garages are commonly used in developments where land is expensive. This allows people to effectively park two cars in one park space as one car is lowered underground on a platform while the other is parked over it. What happens when the system malfunctions? Well if you’re the owner of this Jeep, it results in a dent in your pocket.

According to posters on Reddit, this Jeep Wrangler was crushed when the electric garage malfunctioned due to the control unit getting flooded. This tripped the power which presumably knocked out all of the sensors which would have prevented this to happen. The malfunctioning garage kept raising the lift even as the Jeep struck the roof and was crushed.

Given that this happened due to flooding, one has to consider that the Subaru that was parked underneath got flooded as well, so the owner is likely looking at substantial damage to both vehicles. One can only hope for their sake that they have good insurance.

It may be argued why someone would put an electric garage right underneath the roof. It may have worked well enough for them in the past to not consider the possibility of this happening as a result of flooding. It’s a costly lesson learned for the owners any others in the vicinity who may have similar parking systems installed on their property as well.

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