Amazon has utilized a slate of tools to reduce listings for counterfeit goods on its marketplace but it hasn’t been able to fully tackle the program. The latest move in a bid to clamp down on fakes involves empowering brands further. Amazon has thus launched a new anti-fake program called “Project Zero” which will enable brands to issue takedown strikes on fake listings.


Brands will no longer have to go through a lengthy process of reporting fake listings. They will be able to pick the listings themselves for removal. Amazon has been testing this “self-service” approach for the removal of fake listings with 15 brands for several months and is now rolling it out to more companies.

Amazon says that it would like all companies to eventually join this program so that fakes can be kept off the platform. Project Zero thus eliminates the need for brands to contact Amazon to remove a counterfeit listing.

They can do so themselves quickly and easily using the new tool. This provides unprecedented direct control to brands and the actions that they take also feed into Amazon’s automated protections which uses machine learning to continuously scan listings and proactively remove items suspected to be fakes.

Over 5 billion product listings are scanned every day to search for suspected counterfeits. Amazon says that the automated protections proactively stop 100 times more suspected fake products compared to what it reactively removed based on reports from brands.

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