At MWC 2019 this year, it’s safe to say that the topic of foldable phones is a hot one. We saw companies such as Samsung launch their own foldable smartphone with Huawei also tossing their hat into the ring. This is why it’s not surprising to see that other companies are also looking to get in on it.

This includes China’s TCL who took the wraps off several foldable device prototypes and concepts made possible with the company’s patented Dragonhinge design. While getting a display to be flexible enough without breaking is one of the key features of foldable phones, the hinge also plays an important role and with the Dragonhinge, TCL is hoping that it will allow them to create all kinds of foldable devices that they plan to launch as soon as next year.

Speaking in an interview with CNET, Stefan Streit, TCL’s general manager of global marketing said, “We see the opportunity to really shape and bring something fresh to market … because there’s so many different ways you can do [foldables]. We want to break out of [doing the] same thing.”

Earlier last week it was reported that the company was working on a variety of foldable devices of different designs, all of which was put on display at MWC. At this point in time foldable devices are still pretty damn expensive and their usefulness has yet to be truly flushed out, but for now TCL seems to be pretty committed to it.

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