Fancy spending $5,200 on just the RAM for your new iMac Pro? Now you can. Apple has updated its configuration options for this powerful Mac machine which include an option for a staggering 256GB of RAM. You’ll need some really deep pockets for this because the iMac Pro itself starts at $4,999.

Come to think of it, that single RAM upgrade costs more than it would to buy a single base iMac Pro which comes with 32GB of RAM out of the box. It costs an extra $400 to upgrade that to 64GB and an additional $2,000 to bump that up to 128GB. Those options now seem cheap compared to the $5,200 256GB RAM upgrade for the iMac Pro.

Another upgrade option is the Radeon Pro Vega 64X GPU with 16GB of memory. This feels like a relatively cheap upgrade at just $700. All iMac Pro machines come with a Vega 56 GPU as standard while it was previously possible to get a Vega 64 GPU by paying an extra $550.

So if you were to run through the gauntlet and price out a top-tier iMac Pro with all the bells and whistles which include the 18 core Intel Xeon W processor, 256GB RAM, Vega 64X GPU, and 4TB SSD storage, it would cost you a whopping $15,999.

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